Beats Live July 19, direct: artists, songs, release order

On Tuesday 19 July, in prime time on Italia 1 , a new episode of Battiti Live will be broadcast . Conducting the concert Elisabetta Gregoraci , Alan Palmieri and Mariasole Pollio . The location of the concert will be the city of Gallopoli. The cast of singers expected for the evening is very numerous. Among others there will be Gabry Ponte , Cristiano Malgiolio , Dargen D’Amico , Fedez , Mara Sattei , Tananai and Albe . LDA , Random and Fred De Palma are also expected. For the performances on the road there are Bob Sinclair (from Massafra) and Noemi (from Cisternino).

Beats Live July 19, begins the live

Start Battiti Live on July 19th. Alan Palmieri welcomes the public and welcomes Elisabetta Gregoraci,  defined as a ” shining star “. Subsequently, Mariasole Pollio also goes on stage . The first to sing are Rocco Hunt and Elettra Lamborghini , who perform their hit Caramello . At the end of the performance, the audience cheers the two artists. Chiara, a fan, asks the two how their collaboration was born. Elettra reveals: “ We met twice in Ibiza “. The next artist on the Gallipoli stage is Irama . The singer performs with the singlePamPamPamPamPamPamPamPam and with a medley of Wherever you will be , 5 drops and The genesis of your color . Nice performance, especially in the medley.

Battiti Live on July 19 continues with Albe , ranked sixth in the latest edition of Amici di Maria De Filippi . The singer performs with the hit Karma . Albe is followed by LDA , another veteran of the talent of Canale 5 . Luca D’Alessio sings Bandana . On stage with him also Nunzio and Christian, in what seems to be a revival of the talent. Then it’s time for the first performance on the road: Noemi da Cisternino sings I love you but I don’t know . Here ends the first block of the evening and, therefore, space for advertising.

It’s up to Fedez, Tananai and Mara Sattei

Battiti Live on July 19 continues with Fedez , Tananai and Mara Sattei , who perform with La dolce vita, the event’s theme song. The three, at the end of the performance, make the audience sing the refrain. Tananai and Mara Sattei leave the stage, while Fedez remains. The rapper sings Beautiful story . Mariasole Pollio makes the artist talk to Eleonora, a fan of her. The latter asks Fedez what she prefers to show about his life on social media. The rapper admits: “ I tell more or less everything, except the essential moments. I have my own concept of privacy “.

Battiti Live on July 19th continues with Darin , international guest of the evening. The Swedish singer performs with Can’t Stay Away and Superstar , greets the audience in the square and says that this, for him, is the first time in Puglia. Later Cristiano Malgioglio takes the stage in Gallipoli , singing Sucu Sucu . The lyricist, before the performance, defines himself as ” excited “. Advertising.

Beats Live July 19, the performances continue

Live beats of July 19th continues. Upon returning from the break, Gabry Ponte is on stage , the protagonist of a DJ set that makes the whole square dance. The producer, in his performance, also included Young Wannabe of the Nuclear Tactical Penguins. The concert goes on with Elettra Lamborghini . The artist brings to the stage a medley of his successes, consisting of Pistolero , Pem Pem  and Musica (The rest disappears) . Mariasole Pollio presents the next artists, who are very special: in fact, the conductors Alan Palmieri and Elisabetta Gregoraci perform, singing (strictly in playback)Kalispera . An absolutely avoidable moment.

Back to the singers, the real ones. The conductors of Battiti Live on July 19, in fact, present Dargen D’Amico, who performs Ubriaco di te and Dove si balla.  The future judge of X Factor is followed by Tananai , already seen previously. The singer performs with Baby Goddamn . Martina asks Tananai how this single was born. The singer says: ” I wrote it after the easing of the anti Covid-19 restrictions, at the house of a friend of mine that I hadn’t seen for a while “. The stage of Battiti Live on July 19th now welcomes the king of summer hits Fred De Palma . The singer singsExtasi and Paloma . It’s time for the second performance on the road: Bob Sinclair performs from Massafra with the hit Borderline . Advertising.

Medley by Rocco Hunt

Battiti Live on July 19th continues with Rocco Hunt . The rapper performs with a medley of his hits. In particular, Poeta Urbano sings You wanted to dedicate ,  A step from the moon  and  Nu juorn buona.  Elisabetta Gregoraci then welcomes Malika Ayane , author of the single Una ragazza , on stage . The concert continues at a fast pace: the next to sing is Federico Rossi with Le Mans . Subsequently he sings Albe with Millevoci , followed by Noemi who from Cisternino performs with Glicine. Advertising. Upon returning to the stage there is LDA , who sings What hurts . Question for LDA about his participation in Amici: ” Incredible experience, I would do it another 10 thousand times “.

On the stage of Battiti Live on 19 July, Giordana Angi goes up . The singer, also launched by Maria De Filippi’s talent, performs Le cose che non dico . Elisabetta Gregoraci launches Riki ‘s exhibition , which presents the new single Ferrari White . Gallipoli subsequently welcomes Bianca Atzei and Cristiano Malgioglio , who duet with the song We are all equal . The artists are followed by Mr. Rain and Alfa , who sing Sincero . Alfa also performs You make me so happy . The concert continues withBig Boy and his Going Crazy .

Beats Live July 19, the episode is about to end

The July 19th episode of Battiti Live is about to end . Bob Sinclair , in connection from Massafra, makes the spectators dance with a medley of his greatest hits. Among these also Far L’Amore with the late Raffaella Carrà. The penultimate artist of the evening is Dani Faiv. For him a medley of songs, consisting of Photos of us , Yoshi and Mayday. To conclude the evening the piece I have not slept for a week , staged by Cioffi , Blind and Random . It ends here Battiti Live of July 19th.

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