Draft 2022 budget of the Ministry of Economy and Finance

Ministers’ visit to the hemicycle to defend the 2022 program budget projects of their various ministerial departments began yesterday, Tuesday 16 November.

It is for this purpose that the Minister of Economy and Finance, Adama Coulibaly and his colleagues from Planning and Development, Ms. Kaba Niallé and that of the Budget and the State Portfolio, Moussa Sanogo, had the unanimity by the deputies who are members of the Commission for Economic and Financial Affairs (Caef) the draft program budget of their ministry, this Wednesday .

85,324,798,983 FCFA is the total amount of the draft program budget 2022 of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, approved by the parliamentarians of the said commission.

It is around 4 programs, indicated the Minister of Economy and Finance that this budget will be executed. These are the General Administration, Macroeconomic Management and Economic and Financial Policy, Treasury and Public Accounting program as well as the Special Treasury Accounts.

Regarding performance for the 2022 financial year, the minister revealed that the expected results are, among other things, to improve the coordination of the ministry’s activities, strengthen the mechanism for developing and steering Côte d’Ivoire’s economic policy and meet public debt repayment targets.

In terms of prospects, the Minister confided, his department envisages in particular the strengthening of the regulatory and institutional framework to support the development of the private sector, the maintenance of the stability of the macroeconomic framework and the mobilization of resources for the financing of the priorities of the state.

2022 performance of the ministry

The Minister of Economy and Finance also returned in his presentation on the 2022 Annual Performance Report (RAP) of his ministerial department.

For Program 1 “General Administration” , the activity completion rate is 83.18% for a target of 85%.
With regard to Program 2 “Macroeconomic management and economic and financial policy” , the results achieved for overall objective 2 are as follows: difference in forecast on the growth rate of real GDP: 2% for a forecast of 1, 8%, an improvement of 0.2%.
For the last “Treasury and Public Accounting” programme , the results achieved for overall objective 3 relate to the rate of mobilization of public resources: 108.79% for a target of 100%; net change in payables with a result of +76 billion FCFA for a target of -25 billion FCFA.
The Minister welcomed the strengths that have positively impacted the performance of the Ministry such as the establishment of funds for the response to Covid-19; compliance with national and international commitments and optimization of the mobilization of financing resources.

Responding to the concerns of the Honorable Ministers, the Minister underlined that the budget for the “General Administration” program does not relate only to the functioning of his ministry but are resources which also affect investment projects. Before noting that the special accounts are not resources of the Ministry of Economics and Finance, they are, according to him, transfers to investments in other structures. Furthermore, the Minister was pleased with the country’s repatriation rate which is 85%, one of the best repatriation rates in WAEMU .

Covid-19 Fund

On the comments of the deputies, Minister Adama Coulibaly pointed out that compared to 2022, few companies and SMEs have requested support this year 2022, given that they did not meet the conditions to benefit from this fund, due to a reinforcement of control.

In this regard, he announced easing measures such as the level of guarantee, the lifting of the ceiling to 10% which were taken at the last Council of Ministers to allow more companies and SMEs to benefit from the Covid Fund.

“As of 2022 39 large companies, 152 SMEs and at the level of the informal sector, 38,637 have benefited from this fund” , mentioned the Minister. It should be noted that the 2022 State budget is balanced in resources and expenses at 9,901 billion FCFA. The budget of the Ministry of Budget and State Portfolio is 336,646,899,471 FCFA and that of Planning and Development is 32,842,817,198 FCFA

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