Men and Women, previews of the new edition: tronisti vip, evening and debut date

The edition of the Mediaset dating show , Men and Women 2022  is work in progress with the forecast that will debut on the small screen in September. The program produced and conducted by Maria De Filippi warms up the engines, ready to start again for the next TV season with a renewed look.

The loyal public of the twenty-year format of Canale 5 is waiting to know everything about the upcoming news: who will be the new tronists,  the protagonists of the classic throne and over of Men and Women , what is the debut date . In short, here are the first advances and rumors on the dating show of couples and love between reconfirmations, abandonments and new entries.

Men and Women: the anticipations 

Men and Women every year reconfirms the program with an excellent audience share. Let’s find out the news leaked in the last hours on social media about the upcoming season of the Canele 5 dating show . The first advances on the De Filippi program circulate right from the Instagram fanpage of Menedonneclassicoeover .

In particular, on the recordings of UeD episodes  which apparently are expected by the end of August . According to the program’s website, filming will take place between August 24-25 and August 29-30 . By raising the hypothesis that the TV format will be broadcast about two weeks later. Therefore, Men and Women should raise the curtain, broadcasting the first episode of the new edition on the dates of 12 or 19 September , in the pre-afternoon slot on the Mediaset flagship network..

Also for the new edition, the program formula follows the one experienced right now, which mixes episodes focused on the classic throne and over in a single content. Conducted by Maria De Filippi who is about to take back the reins of Men and Women. The wait for the new season of the daily Canale 5  dating show is about to end. And from September the public will be able to return to witness the events of the heart and the disputes between the suitors to “grab” the tronista on duty.

The protagonists of UeD 2022-2023 

Let’s review some background  on the 2022-2023 season of Men and Women . On the side of the Throne Over , the rumors disclosed by the UeD site report who will be the undisputed protagonists. In the next edition, reconfirmed the presence in the studio of characters very followed by the audience of the dating show of feelings. At the forefront we will find  Gemma Galgani , despite the debacle that took place in the last edition with the scarcity of suitors to the court of the historic lady of the UeD Throne over .

Among the over-confirmed figures would appear  Ida Platano , formerly of Riccardo Guarnieri, in light of the editorial evaluations in terms of ratings that the lady collects from the public. Among the reconfirmed also Armando Incarnato . Riccardo Guarnieri will say goodbye to the format of Canele 5 , as will Biagio Di Maro , who, according to rumors, will no longer be part of the parterre of over knights. Often, this character has been at the center of heated controversies that have decreed his exit from the program.

The new tronista of Men and Women

Maria De Filippi’s staff would have focused on  four tronists for the launch of the edition of Men and Women 2022 . Apparently they are not famous people and, therefore, not known to the television audience. But, according to the first rumors, the hiring of a vip face seems to be planned . A star on the dating show, such as a former suitor or former suitor. The rumor is circulating that Federica Aversano , the former suitor not chosen by Matteo Ranieri, occupies the royal chair in the role of the new tronista. News not yet confirmed by the Neapolitan.

The names of the neo tronists who will sit on the classic throne have not yet been made public. Among the eligible candidates to fill the role of tronista there is, in addition to Aversano, Alessandro Verdolini . With Lilli Pugliese and Andrea Della Cioppa , two non-choices of the old season. Both are inclined to accept any request for participation by the editorial staff of the Mediaset dating show .

As expected, the commentators  Gianni Sperti  and  Tina Cipollari confirmed with full marks , who will reappear at the UeD to comment with a sarcastic air on the choices of the protagonists of the TV program. Reconfirmed in the columnist’s chair also for the next edition Tinì .

The evening of the Canale 5 dating show 

Three anticipations, the return of  Men and Women in prime time for the 2022-2023 season. The evening choices are brought back into vogue in the fairytale locations of the Castles . Success formula that Maria De Filippi’s program had promoted, then interrupted due to Covid.

A further indiscretion, which appears in the media, is the new television production that Maria De Filippi is about to launch: Men and Women Vip , scheduled for release in March 2023 .

Currently, those revealed are indiscretions and background circulating on the web and on social networks that promote the full names of the future protagonists of the Canale 5 dating show . Maria De Filippi has not yet made official any news about it. At the same time as the recording of the shooting of the debut episodes of Men and Women scheduled for the end of August, on that date the names of the new tronists who will take part in the afternoon format that sponsors the courtship and the crowning of love will be publicly disclosed .

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