Poggio a Caiano (Prato), even for flowers there is now a digital archive

The innovative project of the Municipality of Poggio a Caiano to safeguard the 659 beautiful specimens present in the Bargo Park and in the Cascine

Poggio a Caiano (Prato) – There are 659 plants surveyed thanks to the floristic research of Giovanni Gestri , Valerio Lazzeri and Giuseppe Bennati , who generated the volume entitled “The Cascine and the Bardo of the Medici Villa of Poggio a Caiano”. Volume in which it was not possible to insert all the images of these so many vascular plants and which prompted the Municipality of Poggio a Caiano to create a special online selection that hosts a complete digital catalog of the plants present in the Bargo and Cascine Park .

A tool that wants to represent not only a contribution to the specific naturalistic scientific dissemination of the environment in which we live, but also an invitation to the ever more lively and growing ‘ naturalistic public ‘, who wants to know the flowers and plants that surround us, to visit these territories rich in floristic treasures. Territories that over the years have undergone drastic interventions by man, periods of abandonment and involution and which therefore need even more to be protected and protected.

On the one hand the Bargo: a hill of 14 hectares of surface that extends between 40 and 90 meters above sea level at the foot of Montalbano while on the other the Cascine Park of the Medici Villa: a landscape and monumental complex of historical and artistic interest and ecological , so much so that it has now become a protected natural area of ​​local interest (Anpil), with an extension of around 300 hectares.

A catalog, the one presented by the authors, in which each entity is photographically represented online – with one or more images – and enriched by the scientific name, the vulgar name, the indication of the presence of one or both research territories, and descriptive card with curiosity about the single plant.

«The research work that has been carried out is the starting point for protecting biodiversity – says Giovanni Gestri , agronomist curator of the catalog – In over two years of work all these plants have been surveyed, also discovering new and unexpected ones. Among these rare endemic plants, which exist only in the Bargo or the Cascine, as well as exotic plants which, if left to themselves, risk overwhelming the local ones. This is why knowing the botanical diversity of our area is essential . If today the study of the environment and how to best preserve it is a priority all over the world, here in Poggio it has been the norm for over five years ”, concludes Gestri.

There are many advantages of digitizing the work done by the authors, first of all that of being able to easily and constantly update the catalog, which can be easily consulted on the Municipality website by clicking on the ‘Discover the city’ option and then enter the ‘Vascular plants census’ section. .

“Wealth shared with the community”. Mayor Puggelli: “Legacy that must be protected and also supported”

“We cannot ignore this legacy, which indeed must be protected and supported,” says the mayor of Poggio a Caiano Francesco Puggelli. «I thank scholars such as Giovanni Gestri who have transformed the research work into a shared wealth. The next goal is to make these spaces even more popular also as a place for study and study ».

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