The special Hyenas Serena Mollicone: Veronica Ruggeri, on July 10 on Italia 1, retraces the news case

On Sunday 10 July, in prime time on Italia 1 , a special of Le Iene dedicated to the case of Serena Mollicone will be aired . To guide the appointment will be the correspondent Veronica Ruggeri . The latter, in the past, has already taken care of numerous services dedicated to the affair. The special will also be visible in live streaming from the Mediaset Play application .

The special Hyenas Serena Mollicone: everything that happened will be reconstructed

The special of Le Iene will fully reconstruct the story starring Serena Mollicone . The girl, just 18 years old, was found lifeless in June 2001. The discovery took place in the small wood of Anitrella, not far from Arce. The case immediately became public knowledge, also thanks to the efforts of Guglielmo Mollicone. The man, father of the victim, over the years has always fought for his daughter to have justice. In 2022 , William died after a long coma caused by a heart attack.

Veronica Ruggeri , during the special of Le Iene dedicated to Serena Mollicone , will focus in particular on the judicial aspect. In fact, in recent years, investigations have led to the investigation of three people. The first is Franco Mottola, at the time Marshal of the Carabinieri of Arce. His son Marco and his wife Anna Maria are investigated with him. In addition to the family, there are also two other carabinieri in the register of suspects. One is accused of complicity in external murder, while the other of aiding and abetting.

Le Iene special Serena Mollicone, for prosecutors Marco Mottola killed the girl

During the special of Le Iene on Serena Mollicone , the trial will also be discussed. Last July 1st, at the conclusion of the indictment on the case, the prosecutors in fact stated that Marco Mottola was the one who killed Serena Mollicone . According to prosecutors, this murder took place inside the barracks. For this reason, the prosecutors have asked for the sentence for all three members of the Mottola family. For the father Franco, in particular, the request amounts to 30 years in prison, while for the son and his wife the requests for imprisonment are respectively 24 and 21 years.

Exclusive documents will be sent during the appointment

During the special of Le Iene dedicated to Serena Mollicone , Veronica Ruggeri will show the public some exclusive and unpublished documents. In addition, important interviews and testimonies about the case will be broadcast. The versions provided by all the protagonists of the story will also be reconstructed, for years wrapped in a blanket of silences and mysteries. Finally, you will focus on the unclear elements that emerged in the course of the investigation.

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