Who wants to marry my mom? live 22 June: Stefania and Giacomo are the first protagonists

The first episode of Who wants to marry my mom? conducted by Caterina Balivo . The dating show features five couples, made up of a mother and daughter or mother and son. For each mother there will be six suitors who will follow very specific rules. Each mother will then choose who to eliminate, until the presenter will deliver the bouquet to the man who conquered it.

Who wants to marry my mom? live 22 June

The first episode of Who wants to marry my mom? conducted by Caterina Balivo , it begins with the presentation of the mother. Her name is Stefania and she participates in the dating show with her son Di lei Giacomo . She is 50 years old and she is looking for a tall and muscular man, whom her son ironically defines “tamarro”. Together they enter the villa to begin the adventure in search of true love. The presenter will follow step by step the evolution of the path that starts from the meeting room. The suitors will enter the room but will remain turned until – after having introduced themselves – the mother rings the bell.

Who Wants to Marry My Mom ‘s First Suitor? his name is Francesco and he is 42 years old. Arriving in the meeting room, he introduces himself to Stefania and Giacomo. They both find him interesting, despite his son saying he talks a little too much. The second suitor is called Simone , he is 46 years old and was a soccer player. Stefania calls him a handsome man, while Giacomo got the feeling he was a possessive type. It is the turn of 60-year-old Sabatino , he comes from Rome where he organizes exhibitions, shows, concerts and everything he has to do with culture.

The other suitors

The presentation of the suitors of Who Wants to Marry My Mom? he continues with Fabio , 48, who is a nice guy in Stefania’s eyes, but Giacomo doesn’t find him sincere. Massimo of 53 years in his life is a goldsmith, and he is from Bologna just like mother and son. The suitor is surprised by stating that Stefania, aesthetically speaking, has gone far beyond her expectations.

The sixth suitor is called Antonio , he is 41 years old and has a passion for dancing. She stefania is particularly struck by him, especially because she – unlike the other suitors – she greeted her with a kiss and a handshake before leaving. After the presentation, mother and son discover the suite where they will stay during the journey to Who wants to marry my mother? .

The first elimination

The suitors still have something to say to Stefania . In fact, inside a casket she finds letters written by each of them, with the aim of being able to take one more step towards her heart. The letters gave Stefania important elements to get to know them better, but each of them will have to be eliminated from Who wants to marry my mom? . On a silver tray there are five ties that Stefania will give to the suitors with whom she wants to continue the journey.

The first goes to Antonio, then to Massimo and Simone, the fourth tie goes to Fabio, and finally to Francesco. The first eliminated is therefore Sabatino. The five suitors of Who Married My Mom? they meet together for breakfast and exchange opinions on what happened during the choice of the eliminated. Giacomo tries to tease them trying to get to know his mother’s suitors better.

Immediately afterwards he tells Caterina that he has confirmed the idea he had made of each of them. Giacomo then confides something about her mother, defining her as a strong but sensitive woman, who has gone through difficult times in the course of her life. In fact, she had to fight against a bone marrow tumor, and for this reason Giacomo is very protective of her.

Who wants to marry my mom? – The ceremony of hugs

The episode of Who wants to marry my mom? continues with the ceremony of hugs. In fact, Stefania will have the opportunity to embrace her suitors to better deepen their knowledge. Under Giacomo’s supervision, Stefania is the first to embrace Massimo, who has not taken her eyes from hers even for a moment.

Then it is Francesco’s time, but even in this case the suitor prefers to speak. The mother then hugs Antonio and then Fabio and lastly Simone, by which she is still pleasantly struck. Subsequently, Stefania writes in a note the suitor whom she most preferred, Antonio, with whom she will be able to spend some time together.

The meeting with Antonio and dinner with the suitors

The episode of Who wants to marry my mom? she continues with the meeting, without Giacomo , between Stefania and Antonio , who asks her questions about her previous relationships. Antonio also tells a little about himself and his last love story that lasted 15 years.

Stefania has dinner with all five suitors to get to know them better, while her son has the opportunity to see what happens through a camera. At the end of the dinner Giacomo chooses Massimo from among the suitors, who will be able to drink an herbal tea with his mother.

In the next step of Who wants to marry my mom? Stefania will instead have the opportunity to be massaged by all five of her suitors. She won’t be able to see them, but she will only be able to feel the touch. She decides to meet the fourth masseur. This is Fabio with whom she will ride in tandem.

The second suitor eliminated

The episode continues with the second eliminated. Stefania will make the choice of her, but Giacomo will be able to save a suitor. He chooses to save Francesco who thus continues his race to conquer Stefania. Antonio, Simone and Massimo receive the tie, and Fabio is therefore the second eliminated. Thus ends the first episode of Who wants to marry my mom? . We will find out in the next who among the remaining suitors will be Stefania ‘s choice .

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